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Free fax software for DOS, OS/2 and Win32

BGFAX can send faxes from the command line and return specific status codes back to the user via errorlevels. Everything is driven by simple batch files making it very easy to automate faxing of purchase orders, memos, messages from answering services, etc. The possibilities are endless. See the article written about BGFAX in FoxPro Advisor magazine.

BGFAX can also let your bulletin board software (or FidoNet mailer) accept both fax and data calls on a single telephone line. Your fax modem must have a feature known as adaptive answering. See the article written about BGFAX in the Central Texas PC Users' Group Newsletter.

bgfax.exe: Sending a Fax

view.exe: Incoming Fax Catalog

fntedit.exe: Font editor


Online BGFAX docs for send fax operation (old)

User questions and answers from FidoNet (old)

Special notes using DOS version under Windows 3.1


The latest version: BGFAX170.ZIP
(407K, 1-March-1997)
Version History--WHATS.NEW

Current beta: FAX170U.ZIP
(388K, 27-Feb-2000)
Changes in this beta version

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