BGFAX can be used with most FidoNet mailers.

Setup instructions are included for the following configurations...
Binkley 2.60, Class 2
Binkley 2.60, Class 2.0

D'Bridge 1.58, Class 2
D'Bridge 1.58, Class 2.0

FrontDoor 2.12, Class 1
FrontDoor 2.12, Class 2
FrontDoor 2.12, Class 2.0
FrontDoor 2.12, ZyXEL

InterMail 2.29c, Class 2
InterMail 2.29c, Class 2.0
InterMail 2.29c, USR alternate
Link: Intermail Further Development web site

Lora/2 2.40, Class 2

MainDoor 1.02, Class 2
MainDoor 1.02, Class 2.0

Portal of Power 0.61, Class 2

PC Board, AdeptXBBS and other BBS software

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What Class is your modem?

Class 1... Hayes Optima, Supra LC
Class 2... Boca, PPI, Supra v.32bis/v.34, Zoom, and other Rockwells
Class 2.0... US Robotics V.34 Everything, newer ZyXELs

You can FREQ BGFAX using the magic name "BGFAX" from 1:106/400.
You can FREQ the latest beta version of BGFAX using the magic name "BGBETA".

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