A Review of BGFAX by Bill Eastman

As some of you might now, I used to run a BBS, similar to the Hub, except I used the DOS versions of the software. When I got my USR Courier V-Everything modem, I was looking for a fax program that can take a "hot" call and receive the fax (BINKLEY or a similar program MUST answer the phone for Fidonet BBSs).

Quick Link II, which is the software that came with the modem will not accept a "hot" call. I was reading the Fidonet SHAREWARE echo one day (it's available on the Hub) and saw a file that said it would do what I needed, so I downloaded BGFAX130.ARJ. Within 15 minutes I had the BGFAX program up and running (by itself). It took a little tweaking to get it to work correctly with BINKLEY, but I got it.

BGFAX does NOT require you to be running a BBS in order to use it. It is only $25 to register (I had my check in the mail as soon as it was working). All upgrades to this point have been FREE. B.J. Guillot wrote an OS/2 version of the program, and has just released a Win32 version (Windows 95 and Windows NT). BGFAX continues to be popular.

B.J. has written an auxiliary program called POLYFAX, and according to the docs (I haven't tried the program yet), it enables you to send the same FAX to SEVERAL people. I've written a *.BAT file, that calls an editor and then sends the fax. I don't have a copy of it, but will get a copy and upload it to the Hub the next time I go to San Antonio.

There was a write on BGFAX in the September 1995 issue of the Foxpro Advisor. Parts of the write-up are on the BGFAX web site. There is a Fidonet echo called BGFAX.

The above article can be found in the April 1997 issue of PC+ on page 10

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