Sending of faxes can be done from the DOS command line!

Online BGFAX documentation for send fax operation

For example, to send an ASCII file called "READ.ME", you would type the following two lines...


This converts the READ.ME text file into a Group III compatible facsimile image file.

C:\> BGFAX /SEND OUT.FAX 555-1212

This line actually sends the fax to the telephone number 555-1212.

Status Report via Errorlevels

If the send fails, BGFAX will exit with errorlevel 1.

If the send is successful, BGFAX with exit with errorlevel 5.

If you wish to obtain more information on the failure, BGFAX can be put into an extended results mode, where it can exit with any of the following errorlevels...

What about fonts?

The MAKEFAX.EXE program included with BGFAX is very limited at present. It only supports two fonts. MAKEFAX is suitable for most applications, but sometimes you just need to use many fonts in the same document.

If you need to use additional fonts, a Dutch fellow named Hans Harder wrote a very nice utility, called 2FAX, designed specifically to work with BGFAX.

To find the most recent versions of 2FAX...
2FAX Home Page
2FAX Fresh Meat

Old version of 2FAX: 2FAX163.ZIP (151K, 09/28/94)
Old ISO-8859 font file for 2FAX: 8859.ZIP (6K, June 1996)
Old OS/2 version of 2FAX: 2FAX2.ZIP (45K, 12/04/95, Requires

Update...Hans is back! His new e-mail address is

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