Using BGFAX with BBS Software

BGFAX can be used by any BBS software that allows the use of a "frontend". A frontend is another program answers the phone (usually a Fido mailer, but in this case, BGFAX) and then passes human callers over to the BBS for processing.

Every modern BBS program today allows this except for client-server systems such as TBBS and Major BBS.

Here are some example BGFAX setup files for various BBS software...
Wildcat version 4.1
Wildcat 5 (aka WINS)
PC Board 15.2, setup using Class 1 modems
PC Board 15.2, setup using Class 2 modems
PC Board 15.2, setup using Class 2.0 modems
Maximus/2 (OS/2 version)
Renegade 5-31-94 overlay
Remote Access 2.xx
TriBBS 5.11
AdeptXBBS/2, Class 1 modems
AdeptXBBS/2, Class 2.0 modems
Waffle, setup using Class 2 modem
WWIV 4.23, patch to C source code
VBBS, setup using Class 2
GT Power 18.00
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