B.J. Guillot - Gradudate School Projects

Geology Field Methods
Field Trip Spring 2002
Saltillo, Mexico
Builing a large low-cost computer cluster with unmodified Xboxes. (2004)
Paper was referenced in
Low-Power High Performance Computing, Panagiotis Kritikakos, University of Edinburgh
Remote Sensing OpenGL 3D Viewer (2004)

Report on Shuttle Radar Topography Mission (2004)

2D Kirchhoff Migration in Java (2003)

Paper above was referenced in
MapReduce Implementation of Prestack Kirchhoff Time Migration (PKTM) on Seismic Data
Computer Vision Projects: Fiducial Tracking, POSIT (Augmented Reality) (2001)

Distance: History of Parallax and Brief Introduction to Standard Candles (2001)

UH goes to the 2000-2001 ACM South Central Region Contest (2000)

Blood Flow Visualization (2000)

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