Blood Flow Visualization

Wolfram Volpi & B.J. Guillot
COSC 6372: Computer Graphics
May 5, 2000

Project Goals

Wolf's Accomplishments

What Wolf Learned

B.J.'s Accomplishments

What B.J. learned

Future Work

The examples were for one volume of velocity data in one instant of time The next step would be to implement particle tracing for a time sequence of volumes VTK has an example with 8 frames of blood flow motion, but it cheats by using 2D texture mapping This trick speeds up rendering, but camera position is fixed, and particle tracing inside a volume is impossible We would not need to use the texture mapping if we have the Mitsubishi VolumePro rendering hardware ($2,500) available. Then, it's better to render the volume directly from ray tracing (User Guide, pages 152-156)