From: Martin Vincent To: Bill Eastman Thread: Multi-document (1/1) Date: 28-Aug-97, 7:44pm (Ref# 5661) Hi Bill Quoting a message from Bill Eastman to B.J. Guillot: BE> BTW, when you get a chance, if you have flashed your USR Courier BE> V.Everything to the latest flash, will you see if the receive BE> multi-document fax works? As I have stated in the USR echo, it works BE> for me now. It works for me too. Martin ... What do you mean, my birth certificate is expired? ___ TagDude 0.91+[MV] --- GoldED/386 3.00.Alpha5+ 44LM1 * Origin: Motorsports One - St-Hubert, Quebec (1:167/530)