From: Trevor Bates To: All Thread: Bgfax & T-MAIL! (1/1) Date: 08-Jul-97, 0:50am (Ref# 5554) Hello All! Does anyone in here use bgfax and T-MAIL ?? I need to find out how to set the modem.ctl file up in T-Mail to make it work with bgfax ! I am now using T-Mail as a front end mailer whereas I used to use Front Door 2.12 Shareware !! With fd it works flawlesly BUT Fd was causing me a few probs so I decided to swith to t-mail ! Now I just need to sort out BGFAX with it and I am sorted!! Thanks in advance Trev --- FMailX 1.02 * Origin: > Crock's Corner BBS Tel+44(0)1253-305040 24hrs< (2:250/607)