From: John Lucci To: All Thread: Autoprint with BGFAX32 (1/1) Date: 03-Nov-97, 8:31pm (Ref# 5808) ;rep:7708,3255 What needs to be added to FBBS.BAT for BGFAX32 to be able to autoprint inbound fAXES?? I'm currently trying to spin up WINS/WC5 to use BGFAX32 and I have it answering data and fax, but It lacks what is needed for printing. This is what I have thus far in FBBS.BAT and its stock @echo off :top bgfax32 /host /pid:1 /wc if errorlevel 4 goto top if errorlevel 3 goto top if errorlevel 2 goto top if errorlevel 1 goto top Under my old TAG setup error level 4 was for fAXRCVD. Would it be possible to add an error level or to re-create that part of my old FBBS.BAT in the one for WC5? *.. Optimism is a mania for saying all is well when one is in hell. ___ Blue Wave/386 v2.30